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Tendernews.com International is the most powerful and authoritative online Search Engine for Indian and Global / International government & Public sector Procurement Contracts and Tender Notices.

A subscriber of Tendernews.com gets unrestricted access to over 1,00,000 Active tenders database , with between 3000 to 4000 new Tenders added daily. The service also provides the subscriber to set up Daily email alerts, which automatically inform the subscriber latest tender opportunities available based on the keywords specified by the subscriber.

Tendernews.com is an invaluable source of online business information, for companies actively bidding for new business and for smaller firms looking to get sub-contracts from organizations which have been successful in winning major Tenders & contracts.

We already have over 95,000 registered subscriberswith 150 -200 new members joining daily. To aggressively expand our subscriber base, we are planning to appoint Tendernews.com Authorized Business Partners (TABP) in every major city.

Any Company, Individual, employment exchange, recruitment services bureau, broker or agency or an individual who is a franchise / reseller of other Internet related activity where he or she may be in contact with prospective subscriber or has an existing Browsing Center or an Internet Cafe can become our Tendernews.com Authorized Business Partners (TABP).

Qualification to become Tendernews.com Authorized Business Partners (TABP)

  • Preferably having good knowledge of computer, Internet.
  • Preferably having experience in service / marketing industry.
  • Preferably having good contacts in Government / Corporate sectors.
  • Phone and Fax Connection is a must.
  • Preferably having Computer with Internet connection.

Role of Tendernews.com Authorized Business Partners (TABP)

  • To market online subscriptions to  corporate & individual Businessmen doing business Through tendering process .
  • To market our services with government for collecting ads for hosting tenders online.
  • To act as local liaisioning agent.
  • To book subscriptions and advertisements.